Problems With PES 2009 Online
  • Hi guys i'm wondering if anybody out there can help me with this problem.

    Whilst I am still able to get online no problem and play many games against others, every now and again whilst I am playing I am signed out of the playstation network, hence losing the game 3-0 and then it tells me a DSN error has occured. As I say it only happens every now and again but losing a game 3-0 when you are winning is a bit of a pain as you can imagine.

    Anybody any ideas as to what this can be and how to solve it? Thanks in advance.

  • can anybody please help with this?
  • is there anybody out there that can please help with this problem?
  • Don't think there is anything that can be done there, gary- it may be your ISP having a problem and not the PS3 at all.
  • Whats my ISP Lyndon? i'm not vey up on these things mate.
  • That's the people you get your internet from. :p