• hey guys
    im hearing my fan of the ps3 is that normal
    will it die
    i have it for a year now
    im going to upgrade to a 250 gb soon
    how can i format the external harddrive to fat32
    if i do the upgrade will it die any way
    it used to beep before but nothing happen
    and i was playing or recruit on army of two
    froze twice
    but its fine now
    i only hear the fan
    i really want your help u think
    if i upgrade will the blue ray die eventually
  • The fan shouldn't be very loud- more often than not mine is completely silent. You may want to take a vacuum hose and use this along the vents to suck out any dust that is in there and make sure you have the PS3 in an open space.

    As for the hard drive, the PS3 will automatically format it once you put it in and turn the system back on. No special tricks needed.

    As for the blu-ray it may die eventually but I'm doubting it will as long as you take good care of the ol' black beast. ;)
  • ok
    but how will i know if my ps3 is going to die
  • Sounds to me like you're being a bit paranoid about the whole thing here- it's not really something to worry about. The system is very well built and as long as you keep it well ventilated you shouldn't have any problems.
  • thanks for your help
    u know what it sometimes used to beep every time i turned it off
    and i was playing army of two or recruit
    and froze twice
    i checked the disk and it was dusty
    i cleaned it put the game in normal difficulty and nothing happen after that
    but thanks alot
    u been helpful