• Hello,

    I have a PS3 that was made in Sept of 2007. It is very clean. I got it from a friend who told me it has been sitting for a while. He is in Iraq, so I cant really ask him anything about it for a while.

    I have plugged in the power and video cable. When I hit the power button, it turns green and I get no video to the TV. I have held down the power button for ten seconds then the green light blinks, then goes back to red. I then pushed the power button again and still get no video.

    The hard drive light does go on a couple times during the process. The controller lights flash constantly during the process. I have borrowed another cable (the 3 RCA type) from a friend and still get the same result.

    I am guessing I am out of warranty, so where would I start to troubleshoot the problems with this.

  • You're doing the power button trick a bit wrong- hold it in long enough from stand by (red light) to hear a second beep then let go. This should make the PS3 detect the video output being used and adjust accordingly.

    The lights flashing a few times when turning on is normal. However, if they keep flashing constantly they need to be re-paired with the system. This is easily done by connecting the controller via the usb cable and hit the PS button. When paired you should see the light indicating controller 1, controller 2, etc..
  • I did it as you recommended, with the same result. I took the thing apart, and there were burns on the board.
  • That's not good- the system may have taken a big power surge at some point and got fried. That system isn't going to be playing anything.