• hi again
    i wrote a question on 3-1-09 about gaming speed on ps network,
    and cant find the anwser, here it is again.
    my connection is good but while racing im always 10 sec slower than all other cars on all tracks, the speed on my connection say`s 35-48 is my router to slow ? it`s a d-link wbr1310 wireless G router .
    should i get a better router for gaming .
  • Is that the speed in kb/ second or the percentage of your connection strength?

    If speed it may be enough to cause you to lag a bit and fall behind everyone else. You may want to try going with a wired connection to the router. The overall problem, however, may be your internet provider.
  • Hi
    Thanks Lyndon,the 38- 40 somthing is bh the connection is excelent so it say`s im having comcast come today to see if my modem is bad and if my connection is working properlyif it`s the router i guess i`ll buy a good one
    Thanks again
    keep up the good work we need all the HELP we can get