Banned for no reason?
  • So I don't mean to sound like another whiney customer, but I just bought my ps3 last week and I went to sign onto PSN today and I got some strange error code. So I looked it up and it seems to be trying to tell me that I'm permenatley banned. It also appears that hundreds of others are having this obscure problem. My faith and support of the Sony company is dropping tremendously. I've played online on killzone 2 twice(both times I had no microphone) and I feel this was of no reasonable purpose. I'd like to keep this sensible but I am a lead game advisor at a gamestop in San jose, CA. not to mention that I am also 37f in the Army. That's psychological operations specialist. I know how people think and can talk anyone into or out of a purchase. My PSN account name is "TheGreatTroll" and you now have my email if you wish to do anything about.

    Sincerly Disapponted,
  • You're talking to the wrong people, Travis- we are not Sony. We selected the name "PlayStation Network" for our forums here some time before Sony picked that same monicker for their online service. You can contact Sony's customer service directly about this at 1-800-345-7669.