plz,, i need immediate and professional help
  • sorry for my bad english
    My console scph-50004
    modded by matrix infinity 1.99 <<< <br />

    My console scph-50004
    modded by matrix infinity <<< from 2 two days only<br />i buyed it form 5 years ago

    the problem starts from 2 weeks only

    after 15 minute from playing any game the console stop and game freezing and controllers
    stop and did not respond >> but still power leds on (red and blue) >>after that
    i try to restart it but the boot logo (sony computer) did not appears and black screen only ********> this case continues for one hour << after that i start the game again and the same problem again the console freeze for a while >>

    but some times matrix boot logo(modchip) appears and black screen still on ...
    and others times no ....
  • We do not support or endorse the use of mod chips so you won't find much help here. The problem is most likely in the modding itself- this has been proven to shorten the life span of a console. The only suggestion i have is replace the console with one that is not modified.