Help with far cry 2
  • Im really stuck on this game!!!!! :mad: Im not far in to world 2 or act 2 whatever its called, my game is 46% complete. The last mission i completed was to deliever passports (i think) to the dentist or dental practice. So i complete this and i have the choice to take the car or take the boat to the barge to meet nasreen someone. So i take the boat, i get there shoot all the dudes and go to talk to her. My mission and objective just say to go and talk to her. I stand in front of her and the hand icon comes up but when i hit triangle nothing happens, i walk around a bit nothin, i shoot her and nothin! I eventually walk up the stairs to t cabin, or whatever its called on a boat, and then she starts to talk, she says a few sentences aboutthe leiutenant kicking up a storm or something like that and again thats it. If i leave the area all the bad dudes respawn, i kill them all again but nothing changes, my objective, my mission nothing. I have tried all the normal stuff like turning the console on and off cleaning the disk restarting the mission all that balony. Im so very stuck. Im sorry i cant be more specific and mayby its a real;ly obvious thing but im no expert! Whicg is why im talking to you guys!!!!! Please help!!!!
  • Sorry it took longer than usual to dig something up here- life has a nasty habit of getting in the way.

    It is looking like you may have to start completely over- you may have run into a bug in the game.