Rfu Adapter Compatibility?
  • One simple question, I have an RFU adapter that works with my old Playstation and I was wondering if the RFU Adapter is compatible with
    the Playstation 2. The RFU Adapter is a Sony RFU adapter.

    If it is not compatible I may have to use the MadCatz RFU Adapter that is compatible with both, but has horrible sound. :blink:

    Sorry there's no need to answer this. I got the RFU Adapter from Walmart. I went to walmart online and discovered that it was compatable with Playstation, PSOne, and Playstation 2 but thanks for considering to answer it.

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  • Well, glad that you were able to find out and sorry we weren't any quicker at the draw(stupid real job).....I'll just be closing this thread now. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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