Memory Card Problem
  • All of a sudden my memory card will not load in a specific "save" I have of a "Vice City" game. It seems to load it in but then the screen goes blank. I can save other games but not Vice City. I tried the memory card on a friend's system and had the same problem. Any suggestions? Can this particular "save" be saved?

  • There are only a couple reasons that i can think of off hand that could cause the MC not to read the save data. The data could have been corrupted(many different ways this could happen) or the only other thing i can think of is that you were using a Gameshark code like save anywhere. To check if it is corrupted then turn on your PS2 without a game in it and go into the MC and go to the Vice City save and if it's corrupted it will tell you. If it's none of this then it probably isn't the MC. If you try and start a new game will it allow you? If not then it could be something wrong with the game, i'd check for scratches if this is the case. If it isn't any of this then let us know so we can try and help you better. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Actually I wonder if it is a bug or a glitch in the game because Ziggy & I had a similar problem a few weeks ago.

    After switching off the PS2, we rebooted it without the game and checked the memory card. The save was indeed there but when we rebooted, again, this time with the game in the machine, we had the same problem.
    It finally loaded the third time.

    This hasn't happened since we saved the game at a later stage.
    Maybe it *is* a fault on the game since we don't use any Gamesharks or similar devices that could possibly cause a malfunction and my disc certainly is not scratched or marked in any way (I'm very anally retentive with regard to keeping my games in pristine condition!).

    Be interesting to see if anyone else has this problem.
    Ho hum.

  • Let's ask the basic question didn't specify if this was a SONY Memory card or a third-party memory card........and we ALL know about the chances one takes with third-party cards.

    After doing some checking, there is no known glitches or problems regarding this game in regards to saving/loading data......or at least none that the developers are admitting to at this time.
  • I had the same problem but when i loaded it with a action replay it fixed its self :)
  • i have several friends who have had this problem. and in ALL cases it happened just after they entered a cheat code to get through a mission (or just to get weapons to wreak havoc) So, my opinion is that the cheat codes somehow corrupt the save file. I have also read that enabling the *cars float on water* cheat will do it almost every time. Hope this helps and also hope that i am not out of line by posting an *answer* as a newbie to this great site.
  • Nah, we actually encourage answers from newbies as it makes it easier to get accustomed with our forum software. And you're also very right, cheat codes have been known to corrupt data and it's not recommended to ever save games were you've used cheats, especially Gameshark cheats as the data usually will get messed up. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.