Fifa 09: Nat 3 To Nat 2 Problems
  • Hi,

    I was hoping someone could help me out with this problem. Recently i had tried to play ranked online games but at the screen where it allows me to pick my teams, it freezes and i cannot play. So i looked online to find the answer to this problem, i looked through youtube videos and through forums. There have been a couple of solutions i tried but nothing works, after i do the connection test i still get NAT 3.

    If someone could help me out, that would be great. I am currently using a linksys router,model #- WRT54GS. If you need any other information id be happy to give it as long as i can resolve my problem. Thanks to anyone willing to help.
  • After doing the normal setting tweaks (port forwarding, setting PS3's MAC address in the router's DHCP Client List, etc.) a quick power cycle of both the router and modem should do the trick to get things into NAT 2.
  • Hey lyndon,

    Thanks for the reply but do you mind expanding on the exact steps i need to take to get it to nat 2?? I went through so much work yesterday calling my isp, linksys even tried sony, but all told me to call the other. I entered the ports, in the routers page, but i still have nothing. I tried entering ip addresses and DNS into the ps3 but still nothing works, i have yet to try the MAC address in linksys. I also did a quick power cycle but that also did not work. So if you dont mind getting me through this, it would be much appreciated. thank you

  • try putting your ps3 into a static ip and put your router into dmz all the information you need will be on you tube