poor game play online on pes 2009 on ps3
  • hope sum 1 can help i all ways play pes 2009 online and apart from the occasional lag ive had no probs.until about a month a go i updated to 1.3 and the game play is really poor when i pass the ball my men wont run to they insist on taking a touch and i have really bad button lag.everything seems to go against me men running into the ref and goal posts,cause i play the game all the time i can see the problem and i cant win a game now.ive tried everything i can think of. ive forwarded ports,turned fire walls off assigned games on my router settings when i test my ping times they seem low enough,ive deleted game data saved data reinstalled everything does ne 1 have a clue wots happening PLEASE HELP SUM 1!!!!!1
  • The problem may well be in Konami's servers and nothing on your end at all. One other possibility is your internet provider may not be giving you enough bandwidth to get a proper game on. In the end there may not be anything that can be done other than contact Konami's customer help- they may be able to tell you if it is something in their servers or help you with settings if it is something on your side.