obtain IP address timed out
  • my PS3 sais the attempt to obtain the IP adress timed out. What can i do to get my internet connection up and running?
  • You'll need to tweak some settings in the router and on the PS3. For the router i would suggest doing some port forwarding. I've listed the ports needed in the thread stuck at the top along with a link to a site that guides in how to get to the port forwarding of most routers.

    As for on the PS3, i would manually set your DNS servers and subnet mask- you can find this information in the router settings.
  • How do i get to the router settings? im not good with computer things. is there like a walkthrough i can find somewhere?
  • The way to your router settings were included with the quick set up guide that came with it. It varies from brand to brand as to how you get there. What's the make of yours?
  • the brand is paradyne