Hi everyone...Ps2 wont load disc..Help!
  • I turned on my playstation 2 yesterday and for some reason it didnt load the disc.When I turn on the playstation,it works fine ,and then it just goes to browser,instead of going straight to reading the disc......I turned it on and off many times and it didnt work,it still just starts and goes to browser.............any suggestions anyone?
  • If it's just this particular game then I would say wipe the disc clean with a soft cloth going from the center to the edge, not following the ridges.
  • tried it with many other games,and aslo cleaned all games ,it still does the same....doesnt load
  • In that case it's a hardware problem. Either the laser has given out or the something has happened to the lens. Most likely it's the laser- you'll need to contact Sony on repairs.