connecting to the internet
  • can you please tell me what I need to do to get my PS2 connected to the internet ?
    cheers wildj002
  • First thing you will need is your network access code, which was included in the paperwork of the PS2. You take that and register at Official PlayStation website: Country Selector to set up an account for online play. With that done you can then connect your PS2 and set it up.

    If you have the slim model it already has an ethernet jack built in, you just need to connect your modem/ run an ethernet cable from your router. next, you'll need to set up a connection file on the PS2. Your system should have included the network access disc (or if you have the older fat model with the network adapter sold separately). If you have neither then some of the online-enabled games have the routine built in, just need to select "new connection" when it asks for it.