crash bandicoot wrath of cortex
  • how do u get past the 2nd boss wa wa the element of water it just keeps killing me cud sum1 plz help me ;)
  • Timing is key for making it down the path toward Tidal Crunch. The blue rays you need to jump over. Once you get down and hit him once you get knocked back and he add green ones to the mix. These go over your head so just stay grounded when they come- you will need to move though as the platform will sink after about 10 seconds.

    Third run adds a quake attack to the mix, making the platforms shake. The last run makes for a never-ending run of the ray blasts and shaking. All I can suggest is watch for a pattern- you have no time limit to worry about so take your time.
  • It's pretty hard, just get used to the pattern he uses and be quick on your feet.