ps3 - on line gaming help (newbie)
  • i'm new to on line gaming. we are connected via an internet switch (rather than a "true" router). we have sync'd the bluetooth. how do we actually communicate with other gamers (other than texting)? we can't truly test the bluetooth without speaking to another gamer. any help would be appreciated. also, is there an icon or something that shows which gamers are also using a "headset"? thanks

  • Most games have a "trigger" set on the controller. Most cases this is the L3 or R3 buttons (pushing in on the top of the left or right analog stick). It varies from game to game so you'll need to check the controls in the manual. Also, you should see some sort of small icon beside a player's name if they are using a headset.
  • thank you! also, why are some gamers on line names in blue and others in red?
  • Depending on the game you are playing that may coincide with being on certain "sides" (Chimeran or Human in Resistance, for example).