• hello,

    I just had a problem with my ps3. It wasnt reading any ps3 games or play blu ray dvds. it plays normal dvds alright. I contacted sony they told me to restore my ps3 system. so i did but it didnt work.Looks like ill need to send it away.
    now It says i have to sign up to playstation network again but i was hoping i could just use my old account aswell. I will be really gutted if i cant as i played like 17 days on cod online and fifa and that.All that wasted.

    Is there any other solution to the blu ray problem?
    Can i still use my old psn acount?
    help is very much appreciated.

  • You definitely can use your old account again. When you go through the sign up process you'll see the choice to use an existing log in. Select that and put in the e-mail/ password combination you use now. Your stats are stored on the server so you won't have lost a thing.
  • Thanks alot mate.what a relief:D