• Okay I have a problem with my PS3.

    A few days ago, while I was playing FIFA09 my PS3 just suddenly froze without any warning. It was kind of strange and I thought at first that it was just over heated. It wasn't however, it was completely fine. So I went to reset the system and it took longer then usually for the machine to shut off. Usually it would take about 1-2 seconds and it was taking about 2-3 minutes. I pushed this to the side though thinking it was just a one time thing but for the following two weeks it has been freezing alot. Just today I was playing FIFA09 again and suddenly the commentators went quiet. So I paused the game and then it froze entirely. So I tried to eject the disk and it took about 2-3 minutes for the disk to actually eject.

    About 5 days ago I had this same episode again. The prolonged Ejecting and Resetting times. So I decided to check to see if it's just the game that is glitching. So I popped in Saints Row 2 and the PS3 wouldn't read it!! The screen was blank. So I ejected it; again experiencing the 2-3 minute Eject time and put FIFA09 back in and then that wouldn't work. The screen was black just like Saint's Row. After I left it for a day everything was fine again!! It read all my games.

    What is going on!!!!
  • I forgot to mention. My Warrenty for the PS3 has expired. I have had this system for more then a year. I just don't want this to go to waste.
  • Do you have your PS3 set up in a fairly open area? It's almost sounding like the PS3 may be having problems getting the warm air out and is overheating. If you have your PS3 situated inside an a/v system stand take it out of there and have it sit in the open, where there is lots of room for air to get in the front vent and to go out the side.

    Now, if your system is out in the open already you may want to contact Sony, even though you are out of warranty- something may be wrong with the fan or the laser.
  • My PS3 is situated in a tv stand. The back vent is wide open because it is positioned in such a way that it is to the direction of the opening that those stands usually have in the back. I actually did not realize that there were side vents. They are a bit congested; about maybe 2 inches of space between the machine and the side of the capartment.

    I was thinking that it could be the laser. I'll give Sony a call. Does anybody know the number I would use. I don't have the PS3 manual lol. I am putting new flooring in my house so things are everywhere on the floor. ITS A MESS!! lol So if someone could PM me the number or put it here that would be most appriciated.

    Thank You!! :)
  • I think you'll find that if you get that system out of that a/v unit and out into the open (even just sitting on the top of the rack) you'll see an improvement. Give that a try before looking into the possibility of something being busted inside.
  • Ok thank you very much!! I will try that right away. But could you give me the phone number just incase it doesn't work. That would be appriciated. I'll try it for about two weeks before I give Sony a call.