• have u heard that killzone is bricking systems
    they say that it only happens if u plAY day and night
    does it happen to any one u know
  • this is the story
    i hope i get an answer
    if its true it will suck because the game is awesome

    With the recent release of Killzone 2 Playstation 3 users have been shooting one another day and night, but it appears as though it is at a cost. There is no concrete evidence of what I am reporting here, but just bringing it to your attention as to what has been happening amongst friends.

    Killzone 2 has apparently been responsible for the death of several Playstation 3 consoles. I can
  • If people are going to play a game day in/ day out it doesn't matter what the game is- eventually something is going to break. For the health of both the gamer and the console you should take a small break every hour or so of about 10 minutes.

    That article smacks of a bit of fanboy-ism toward the 360- ignore it and enjoy playing Killzone 2 (but keep it in moderation) ;).
  • good answer thanks