Wireless connection to the server timed out
  • Okay, so my PS3 used to connect to the psn all the time just fine. Then, suddenly, around christmas time, it stopped working, and i could not figure out why. I tried lots of things, but i just gave up. Well i want to figure it out now. I have a netgear wireless router. Connection is 93%, so no problem there. At first it failed to get an IP address, so i manually put it in, and now that works ok. But now it is saying that the connection to the internet failed because "The connection to the server timed out. (80710541)". I've opened up the NAT or whatever on my router settings, and ive typed in all the ports that you guys suggested to the ip address of the PS3. So what do i do? Ive tried everything so far... help me please! :confused:
    Would it be possible to get a short ethernet cable to connect my ps3 to my nearby laptop that connects to the internet perfectly???
  • You could simply get any normal CAT 5e ethernet cable and connect that to your wireless router and the PS3- that will give the same steady connection without having to mess with settings changes on the laptop. You would need to change the PS3's settings to have it look to the wired connection instead of wireless but the rest of the settings would be the same.
  • My router is in another room, so my ps3 and laptop both have to be wireless, unfortunately...
  • Ok- in that case you will need to use a small bit of ethernet cable (available with the PS3 itself or you can purchase this any place selling computer equipment), connect your laptop and set up internet connection sharing on the laptop. Once you have this done you can set up the PS3 for a wired connection.

    A Google search for internet connection sharing along with the operating system your computer uses will find all sorts of pages with instructions on how to set this up.
  • Alright, so i connected the ps3 to my laptop and changed the settings to wired connection. it worked great until it got to UPnP in the connection test. it says it is "not available" and "The router in use may not support IP fragments, and the communication features of some games may be restricted." what does this mean and how do i fix it??? Thank you so much for your help, btw
  • It's possible the laptop's software firewall may be hindering things. If you have Windows Firewall or another firewall program running on it try disabling it whenever you are gaming on the PS3.
  • well i couldnt get that message to go away, but i can seem to play games online just fine. Thanks so much for your help! :D