The APi Tree Fairy...
  • Ok fellow's time to cast your votes! Remember you only have until Christmas Eve to get them in, after which time the winner will be duly announced.

    I will leave the other thread open for some last minute mudslinging but no more nominations will be accepted now.

    May Steve the best person win!
  • I think the last thing anybody wants is DL up i that tree right??? :rolleyes:
  • I've put my vote down for Lucifer & I hope that when Madhtr hands over his fairy wings & magic wand that he gives him the big tube of anusol cream (just incase he's allergic to pine needles) :lol: :lol:
  • The last thing you want is that 'speedie' person up that tree 'cause I hear she's a strange bird who may just enjoy it too much! :blink:

    GABRIEL KNIGHT is the man for the job!! Trust me, he will give us all a good bit of entertainment up that tree flailing about and hollering while we pelt him with little pickles!! LOTS of little pickles! :lol: :P
  • (What's with the pickles?)

    I thought neither long nor very hard about this, yet the decision I came to is irrevocable. Everyone on the list other than my choice I figured to derive too much pleasure from a tree up the pipe, and that's the last thing I want to do on Christmas (Bah!). I figure my choice might be comfortable in the tu-tu and fairy wings (I seem to remember those canadian fellows on The Kids In the Hall dressing silly a lot), but I surely don't expect him to cotton to that timber in his keister. Hey, there's no mistletoe in that tree, right?

    In case you haven't already guessed it , I voted for our Great White Northerner, and (I hope) APi's next Christmas Tree Fairy.......REX 77!
  • My vote goes to Speedie...
    I really want to see u up that tree susan in that pink kinky outfit :D :D
  • Given that my ol
  • [quote]Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Dec 21 2002, 05:28 PM
    [b] The last thing you want is that 'speedie' person up that tree 'cause I hear she's a strange bird who may just enjoy it too much! :blink:

    GABRIEL KNIGHT is the man for the job!!
  • My Dearest Gabe, my vote has already been cast, and I've already made my trip to the grocery store where I bought ALL the jars of little pickles on the shelf!! I AM READY FOR YOU MY FRIEND!!!

    (oh, WB, don't you remember the part in the movie 'Real Genius' where Val Kilmer is telling his new little genius roomie about this dream that he had..... sitting on this hilltop while surrounded with naked women throwing little pickles at him!?!? BEST part of the movie!!) :lol:

    Gabe,......... I'll keep my eyes trained on the top of that tree and I'LL GET YOU..... AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!! :blink: Muuuahahahahhaaaa!!!!! :P
  • What exactly is a tree fairy? :huh: These things are hard for me to understand, Im stupid. :blink:

  • *It's about how funny Steve someone would look with a christmas tree stuck up their @ss!
    *It's about taking the p!ss out of Lucifer each other!
    *It's about making up outrageous lies about Chris each other!
    *It's about Wreckin' someone looking ridiculous great in tutu and sequins.

    Hmmmm.......I see four definate lumps of coal for your stocking this year Lola! LOL

    .......although I thought WB would be a fine addition to the top of the tree this year!
  • what does api tree fairy mean, I have no
    clue what so ever, what that means :huh:
  • what is the tree fairy.It's like the star or what ever you put on top of your christmas tree. But for APi it's some one on top of the tree(if ya know what i mean)
    P.s. i voted for speedi
  • As mikey stated
  • I voted for WB, naturally! Just wouldn't be right, now would it? If I didn't, seeing how I've spent the monie's he so magnanimously donated. :lol:
  • Well my vote goes to the person that I nominated, Steve. Gotta keep him away from the beer so I can celebrate the birth of our son!!!

    Also with Steve on top the tree it will remind him of how his a** is gonna feel after I kick it in the Av Awards 7. Oh yes, you will recieve the whoppin' you deserve #38. :angry: ;)
  • I must say Rex gets my vote.

    He should be up on top of the tree to set an example for his newborn son that you can achieve anything you set out to do in life. (pink tutu and all) :D

    How unfair it would be to place poor Steve on top of the tree. You say so he can't get to the alcohol. Don't you realise his tremors due to no alcohol intake will shake the tree to the ground anyway thus flattening everyone and leaving him even more beer to drink. :D

    Good Luck Rex and remeber there is always time for lubricant ;)
  • I think that with his new child coming into his life near christmas time that Rex77 should be at the top of the tree. It would give him something else to do other than changing poopie diapers and waking up at the wee hours of the morning. Actually, I bet with that magical wand of his he would probably have his child sleep all night. Well, Rex has my vote.
  • OK members, it's 6pm on Christmas Eve, Lola is now got herself in the shower & getting ready to go out with me for a Xmas drink & the turkey is now in the oven slowly cooking away, got myself a nice big glass of snowball drink & the lead is taken by Rex. Looks like he's gonna get the lumberjacks in after the new year.

    If I don't get to close this tread on Christmas Day, then all of you enjoy your day!

    See you all in a few days! :D

    Just like to edit this and declare or not! Rex!! Hehehehe!
  • It's closing time, and who won? Rex won by a good margin of the vote. Now that a winner has been announced, well, there's only one ornament that we'll need on our APi tree. Rex, i hope that you enjoy your stoop atop the ole' tree. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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