PS3 Tiger Woods 09
  • Just registered so I would like an answer to my question. Is it possible for 2 separate users of the same PS3 to play online simultaneously. We both like to play online against other players but have to do so separately but would also like to play online with others as well as against one another. Thanks. Sorry if this has been covered before elsewhere as I just joined these forums. We have 2 separate controllers so that wouldn't a problem. Does there have to be 2 different user names online to play? Any help will be appreciated. Haffy
  • I'm afraid the PS3 and Tiger 09 only allow one PSN ID online at a time so you would not be able to both play online on the single console.
  • Along the same lines.... is it possible for 2 custom players to play each other on one console? We don't really care about online. We want to create our own players and play each other.

    We have 2 PS identities, each has a custom golfer. Trying to figure out how to play each other without one of us playing as a pro...

    I saw a work around on another discussion board, but didn't totally catch on to the answer. Somehow you can save a player to a jumpdrive, plug that into a usb port on the ps3. But, the data from the game played will not update the player on the jumpdrive. Is this possible? And if so, how do I save a player to a jump drive?

    Thanks so much!
  • I would like to know this exact thing as well..
  • To copy the data just select it in the Game data portion of the game menu on the PS3's XMB and select "copy" to get it to the USB drive. Then just do the reverse to add it to your PS3.

    One thing you or your friend may need to do is change the slot your golfer is in in the "manage my golfers" section before transferring- if both golfers are in the first slot on your respective systems it won't work. You'll need to change one to use controller 2 by default as well.