• :mad: Ok heres my problem.. i have my account to auto sign in.. but the first time it dose it says dns error has accored(did i spell that right).. the 2nd time i try and sign in it lets me through. I have killzone2 it always asks me to update the game so i can play online so when i do it signs me out for some reason so it will screw up my update.. then if i dont update it will sign me out anyway when im on the game because of the dns error... i know i wasnt specific enough, but just ask me to explain something more clear.. im only 14 so i dont know all this computer ip address stuff. all i could find out it my router is a wireless-G 2.4GHz 54mbps broadband router linksys.. if anyone could help i would be happy cause i dont want to go through another 400 bucks :(
  • ive been at this problem for a few days now and is getting increasingly frustrating
  • To get rid of that DNS error you'll need to go into your router's settings and get the DNS Server addresses then add those into your PS3's connection settings. After that you should be good to go.

    The log in for your router should be explained in the quickie instructions that were included with the router.
  • thank you anyway but all i did was disable my media server connection and everything works perfectly!!
  • That was going to be the next suggestion, actually :lol: Sometimes that media server bit does not work very well.
  • whats the point of the media server anyway? :confused:
  • It's for streaming photos/ music/ video from your computer to the PS3 and using those files on the big screen/ audio system. Sometimes, however, it gets a bit flaky.