• I recentley bought a Visa Gift Card that was worth twenty five dollars. I bought it to buy an add on off of Playstation Store. I went to purchase it and It said invalid purchase. I tried it a few more times and it said it again. Then I went to my balance information and it said i only had nineteen dollars on it. This is really making me consider of selling my ps3 and getting an xbox with xbox live because this is really unacceptable. Now I've lost 6 dollars and I can't even buy the add on I want. Can you do something before I sell my ps3??
  • There isn't much of anything we can do, we are not a part of Sony (as i mentioned in other posts, we picked the name for our forums some time before Sony coined it for their online service).

    As for the prepaid card problem, Sony made some changes a while back that made the prepaid credit cards unusable. You can give contacting them a try at 1-800-345-7669.