connection problem with cod
  • hello,
    at 4.15 pm every day my connection on cod just goes will be a green bar then at 4.15(it is exactly 4.15pm) it just goes to red.This lasts until about 10pm then its fine again.But from 4.15 to 10pm i cant join any games or if i get invited to party al be a red bar.any other time its fine.nothing in my connection still have the same signal.
    Why could this be happening?
  • The problem is probably your internet provider.

    If using a cable internet connection, one thing to remember is cable is a "shared" bandwidth- the more people that are online at the same time in your area, the less bandwidth there is available to you. Chances are good the problem is there are too many going on around that time to get that great a connection. There's not much that can be done there other than looking into signing up with another ISP.
  • how do you check if you have a cable connection?
  • If your internet feed is coming from a telephone jack to your modem then you most likely have DSL. If the cable giving your access from the internet provider is more like what would go into a cable tv receiver you have cable. You could also look up who is providing your access in the yellow pages.