PS3 - How to change 'NAT 3 into NAT 2'?
  • Hey,

    I have read the other questions but cant seem to understand the solution of what i should ACTUALLY do? I dont want any Hi-Tech answers, just short, quick solutions so dont go into any bother about it.....oh and im not very good with technical stuff, so in lay-man terms thanks :)

    My IP address for my computer (type CMD into RUN, etc) is
    My IP address for my ps3 is
    MAC address for my ps3 is 00:19:C5:B0:50:13

    I cant play FIFA 09 online, although very occasionally i connect with someone.
    I know its just my NAT type. I read that you need a 'static IP address' which I understand what it means but dont know how to 'give' one to my ps3.

    If you tell me how to correct that, then i also need help with how i can change my port settings? - I also know that all i really need is to open my TCP and UDP ports.
    And my router is not linksys so i cannot go to "Applications & gaming - Port forwarding".
    Any help is appreciated,
    I can give you any additional information,

    ......Here is my reference from where i got my information NAT: How I changed my NAT Type (YMMV) - Tutorial - PS3Forums
  • You do not necessarily need a static IP connection for your PS3 (although this does help sometimes with getting connected). The main thing to get your NAT type down to where it should be is the port forwarding.

    Have a look in the pinned thread at the top of this section, Siopa- I have all of the ports listed that need to be open for the PSN servers as well as a link to a site that guides to the how-to of port forwarding for just about every router made. Find your router there and then select "PlayStation Network" from the list of applications. You'll get everything from the log in to your router right up to where the port forwarding is. Just follow their lead for all of the numbers I give and, once all in and saved, give the router a quick power cycle (un plug the power to the router for about 30 seconds or so then plug in again). Once plugged back in you should be NAT 2 and able to get online with no problems.