• i am currently playing the ps2 game devil may cry. and i cannot get past beating the phantom...pls help how do i do it? what is the strategy?:confused:
  • Phantom switches between spider and scorpion form. You'll know the two by looking at the eyes- spider form has blue eyes and scorpion is red. When in spider you can slash either the head or the abdomen for damage- only the abdomen is damageable in scorpion mode.

    Naturally, he isn't going to just stand there and let you wail away at him. Do some defensive moves between hits. When he jumps into the air run around to avoid the landing, he should land in a spot you passed. he can also try to slap you with a claw- use a roll to avoid this. Dodge any fireballs that are thrown your way. When the fire pillars are called up run away and just keep running until they disappear. Finally, when he tries to strike with the scorpion tail jump backward to avoid the hit (this one can do a lot of damage).