Psp Help Locoroco2
  • Hi there,
    I'm sure I posted a question yesterday, but haven't seen it come up as yet, so I'll ask again, but apologies if I already asked.
    I seem to be stuck on Locoroco2. I have collected all 20 flowers in 20 levels, but can't seem to get any further with the following levels:-
    Calocaro1, Franzea 2, Perculoka1, & Shamplin 1 & 2. I am about to throw my nice new PSP at the wall, and would prefer not to do that!
    Any help you can give me would be great!
  • I wish i could help you but there is no information out there for the game in regards to finding the flowers in each level and I haven't had much time as of yet to play the game myself (between the full time job and helping here I don't get much "me" time).

    For now I would suggest try going in some other directions than you have before- you may find some of those hidden areas that have the flowers in them.
  • Thanks for your time!