Alone in the dark
  • ive finally completed the game with carnby so i am trying it with the girl .............. but yet again im stuck what do i do after getting that glass thing of obeds mother
  • alyn, once you get the glass prism from Lucy Morton go back to the study where you should of picked up the grenade launcher and the mirror, use the glass prism on the projector, then use your torch on the projector plus prism to receive an engraved cube, examine this to see a code that will come in handy later.

    Hope that helps.
  • You must use your glass which that crazy :2silly: old lady gave you. Enter Alan's Morton office, turn off the Lights and use your glass thingy and the flashlight to see the movie on the projector! :2devilish:
  • After you'll make my process get back to that old lady! :2devilish:
  • The old lady will give you the library key and you'll have the conversation :thumbsup:
  • Alone in the dark 4 is the BEST HORROR game in the world you did the right that you bought it :cool: