• Im at 80% complete in the game. Ive completed all of the missions, special missions, fire,ambulandce,pizza Ive flown all of the helcopters in the check point missions, flown the mini plane and drove the mini car around the dirt track ,finished all of the rampages, robbed all of the stores, completed the dirbike tracks, boat check points, delevered all of the cars and completed all of the races and all of the arena missions. Ive also found 90+ of the hidden packages. Do the special jumps, weelies, and stoppies count in the percentage of game completed or am I missing somthing. I think all I have to complete is taxi and special jumps. This can't add up to 20 percent or does it. Man is this game great!!! I want to get to 100 percent. Help.
  • I didn't see in your post that you have done the vigilante missions, so that could be one. I think that the insane jumps, wheelie and stoppie do count to your completion percentage.

    Codes may corrupt your completion percentage. If you have used codes (not sure which ones mess with the percentage) then you may have to start a new game to get 100%.
  • I'm at 50% with codes right now and you mean to tell me that I might not get 100% in Vice City how about GTA3? do codes corrupt your completion percentage?
  • Originally posted by Kaver@Jan 12 2003, 01:44 PM
    do codes corrupt your completion percentage?

    I've been to a LOT of different sites and theyve all said they same thing. That codes dont corrupt your completion percentage. Codes can corrupt saves, but not percentage.

    In regards to your 80%, have you done 100 taxi dropoffs, Hyman Stadium, have you bought EVERY Building, there are 15 in all, done the unique jumps, the assassination missions or the TopFun missions? just wondering cause some of that may add up to 20% more.
  • Well that's a relief. I haven't had a problem with saves (yet)
  • special jumps is all I have left. Thanks