Tomb Raider Underworld, Southern Mexico
  • I need help as I am stuck or have hit a glitch in the game. I had just picked up the second stone jaguar head just before the cut scene near the glowing blue pool of Jormungandt's poison. I saved my game at this point with plans to play again later. When I started the game again and hit the resume button my bike was missing and I was halfway back to the last section. Now I can not get over the jumps without the bike.
  • You'll find your bike back at the bottom of the run. If you can't get back down to it then you definitely hit a bug and will need to start over (not a pleasant thought, i know).
  • Thanks for the info. I was fairly sure that I would have to start at the last saved section which is Coastal Thailand. Of course I have completed the Croft manor too but the game did not save that section for some reason. You would think that as long as the Tomb Raider platform has been out that they would have fixed the bugs by now. I have just about all of the games and there is bugs in every one!!