An error has occured???
  • When I go to logon to PS NETWORK, occasionally my playstation will read
    " An error has occured. You have been signed out of PlayStation.Network.
    Funny thing is, I haven't even signed in yet. I was trying to sign in when this popped up. Usually when this happens it will say this once or twice, then it will sign in. I normally have no problems logging on. However, tonight this is the only thing popping up. And it only takes like 5-10 seconds to show this. I connect through a wireless network if that matters.

    Any advice?
  • When something like this happens it's usually some network problems over on Sony's side or possibly your internet provider having hiccups. Either way, all that can be done is try again later.

    Of course, maybe a power cycle of your router can clear this as well- maybe there is a clog in the memory there.