im having problems with my wired connection
  • I have a modem provided by my cable company hooked up to my ps3 and it was working fine it allowed me to fight anybody on street fighter 4 with no problem then i went to buy a wired enabled router to hook up my internet connection to my pc and ps3, everything was working fine until i noticed that it was not leting me fight anybody on street fight 4 so i disconnected the router and instead hooked it up directly to the modem and i noticed that i couldnt get online in the psn for nothing i kept telling me that i have been signed out of psn check network setting and i think the router changed the whole configeration of my psn so i configured it again like i did before when i was just using my regular modem but i cant still connect to the internet i need serious help cause i have to play online please help me out:(
  • You need to open up some ports on your router,check out