• i'v ben playing one game for a long time now so i tryed to play a diffrent one but it woldent load. i compared how many scraces were one both disks and it was the same!so placed the one that wold work in and it loaded. what is going on? do i need to clean the eye or the disk?
  • It would probably be a good idea to clean both, actually. However, the problem is most likely the disc is scratched in areas of key data enough to not be readable If you do some loking around you should be able to find someplace that does disc resurfacing (used game/ music stores, for example).
  • ya consedring i havent cleaned the eye since i first got it.(5 years ago i think) and have a bad habbit of leving the discs out...with the cats. just whanded to make sure it wasing any worse than it looked.