Death Valley Vaction
  • I have a teacher that every weekend we have to write a letter to her that is 5 paragraphs long and since I went to Death Valley for vacation I wrote about that. And I thought that you all would enjoy the letter. I have edited it to protect identities. By the way we went camping in a pop up trailer.:p

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    DAY 1 LOG ENTRY #1 10:43 PM
    We have arrived at the campsite in one piece. But it is getting dark. We have to setup quickly. First the roof goes up then everything else follows. Tonight in the waning light Dad steps out to go to the bathrooms when we hear, “Oh dang! Almost stepped on a side winder!” This would have been a deadly mistake for it was only a small one. Small ones can’t control their venom, injecting well over the deadly amount.

    DAY 2 LOG ENTRY #2 9:58 PM
    Another day has gone by, and no mishaps yet. We all went exploring out over the roads and noticed a few small point of interest. For example, a small area that is called Salt Creek, many different types of pupfish live here. These pupfish are the only fish in all of Death Valley. We went from 2,000ft to 5ft above sea level then finally the lowest point of our day 190ft below sea level. Fun fact J if I stood at sea level I would be taller than the town of Stovepipe.

    Ok I’m tired of being serious. By the way it’s Day 5 (I may have skipped a few entries…… just maybe). Ok Day 3 we went to a year round waterfall. Day 4 we went to the Sand dunes, we didn’t go out far, even though I wanted to, then we went to Salt creek and saw the pupfish. After that we went to Badwater, which is the lowest point in Death Valley. We went out to the salt flats only just a few feet out. Phew and finally Day 5, today, we all went to see my castle (well actually Scotty’s castle not my castle) and saw a crater called Ubehebe, it sounds just like it looks. Ubehebe is a volcanic crater about a half-mile wide and 500 ft. deep. It was so windy that it is almost like the wind doesn’t want you near the edge. I was the only one to hike up to a smaller crater called Little Hebe. Go figure.
    Fun fact J Badwater got its name from a person that was mapping Death Valley and found Badwater. When he found his mule would not drink he noted bad water and the name stuck.

    Ok this is not good. I’m running out of room!!! We are going home tomorrow, as apposed to Saturday.

    Well here I am now finishing this letter at home in one piece. It was a faster trip coming home than the trip to Death Valley. But I guess that is the case in every vacation trip. A day has gone by and it is wonderful to be home. My dog Kita is still very happy we are home. I have seen all of our cats (only 3) and even my crazy cat, Julie, (who is most likely bi-polar) seems happy. Ah home and all of its luxuries……..
    Fun Fact J The highest point of our trip was 8500 ft above sea level, and the lowest was 282ft below sea level.