Wired Router Connection Problems
  • whenever i try to login with my ps3 i always get ip address obtained and failed internet connection
    this is the first time ive hooked this up
    i manually input all my settings which are:
    ip address:10.0.0105
    subnet mask:
    default router:ive tried and also
    primary dns:
    secondary dns:

    my router is not a dual-port so there is no trouble there
    i also tried powering down my modem
  • anybody got me some help?
  • To me, some of those settings you list do not look just right. Default router should be the IP address you use to get to the router settings. (should likely be or depending on brand).

    As for that IP address you list there, looks like you have a typo. Ip addresses do not have 4 numbers in a segment.
  • yeah the ip address was a typo i ended up surfing around and finding the ipconfig /all cmd and it got me my default router,which ended up being
  • The IP address for default router would be the same one you use to access its settings via your web browser. Are you sure that is the correct one?