Help with Haze pls.
  • Hi,
    I am after help with the playing off the Haze add on packs (domination and destruction)

    I have downloaded and baught the add ons from the PSN, and installed the games, after the game had been installed and updated.

    When i go online and try to play the maps, a message keeps comming up 'you need to install the domination/destruction pack to join this server' to which i have already done.

    I have already re-downloaded ontop of the previous one, i have also tried to delete it then download, i have also tried deleting the game data and then re installing the game data to see if that works,but it seems nothing is working and the same old messgae keeps popping up.

    Any suggestions, your help in this matter will be greatly apprieciated!!!
  • Is your copy of Haze the one meant for your region or an import? Most times the DLC is localized so that it will only work with the version of game meant for that country.
  • I bought the PS3 in germany aswell as the game, but my PSN account is registered in the UK. Will that have an effect and if so how do i change it?

    Your help with this is greatly appreicated
  • That is why you are having the problem- the dlc is set up to just work with the UK version of the game in your account's store. You would need to purchase the same maps from the German store for them to work. Your only other alternative is to buy a UK version of the game, which the map pack from your store would work with.

    This same thing holds true for all of the add-ons for every game. The games may be region free but they still have some slight coding differences in them to prevent add-on content to be used on imports.