Questions regarding slim PS2
  • i have a qustone. iv have herd that the new ps2's cant read the older games that came out with the "fat" ones.also i herd the ps3's cant read ps1 or 2 discs. is any of this true?
  • I moved this to its own thread to keep things on track in the one you posted this in.

    First off, that it about the slim PS2 is complete BS. Think about it a sec- why put out a system that can't play upwards of half the available library of games? It ranks up there with the on again/ off again rumor about a "budget PS3 with no blu-ray". Not happening.

    As for the reading of PSone and PS2 discs on the PS3, it depends on the version you have. All PS3s will play PSOne discs but the newer PS3s will not play PS2 discs because of the backward compatibility being removed. The earlier systems (up to the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle) will play most PS2 games. Of course, the region coding is in full effect for these too.
  • ok. i was wondering cuz soon im going to need a new has been thro a lot of abuse from my cats and mom.
    why did thay remove the backward compatibility in the ps3? isint that kinda a kick in the teeth to the die hard sony fans?
  • Part of it was getting manufacturing costs down a bit (less chips to put in means less to pay for parts) while another was reaction after seeing stats that showed not that many were actually making use of the backward compatibility. Seems to be quite a few gamers that tend to just play the latest and greatest and ignore the ability to play all of the older titles that got them to this point (or at least they thought so at the time).
  • good pont... but thare are a fue pepole that like the older titles *coughmecough* im shocked most pepole aret compaling.whin the xbox360 came out microsoft got bad rap becous very fue games from the xbox were able to play on it...but most pepole look at the ps3 as a hard core gamer system not a system for kids.