one thing after another
  • i stared to play spyro and in the middle the screen whint blank so s turnd it off and came back a hour and it just flashed the ps2 start up screen. so i turnd if off and whated 3 hours this time i turn the power strip off and then on and it worked. is my ps2 on its last legs?:(
  • ok it happend today to. only this time it gave me a waring! now its :mad: me off! why is it doing this? iv looked for ansers on the web and it's all pointing to a modded ps2 thats dead. mine is not modded and its a fat one. if it will work with me ill get more info.
  • heheh heh heh...:blush: found it out so anyone know were i can get some cheap cords for it?my cats almost cewed thro them:frown: