• Hey all,

    I can't seem to beat the last stage with the airplane. I can disable the four engines but after I fire the missiles at the plane, the plane comes crashing into me since my car has electronic failure and cannot move. I need some help. Thanks all.
  • I can get to the portion where you have to shoot the missiles and can destroy the plane fine but it's remains come hurdling toward my car and I cannot move because the car has "electronic" failure and kills me every time.

    I need serious help from anyone who has beaten this stage.

  • While the plane is making it's turn to get ready to ram you hit the L1 button to bring up your TSP and then hit the R1 button until your scope comes up.Fire two missles at the front wheels of the jet.At this time the electronic failure should be gone-head towards the concrete fence to the right side of the airfield-there you'll find a wooden section,just follow the arrow.Drive through it and you've won! :thumbsup:
  • [b][i]hey thanks now i can beat the game two but i cant do it today i am gouing out of town and i woint be back till late :cry: sooooooooooooo i will have to try it tommorrow ooooo well... well bye peeps see youes asap