• How do i beat the stronghold assault on bully ive literally tried all day!!!!!!!
  • Once you take out the doors with the spud cannon and start taking on the nerd boss your target is not actually him but the generators to either side. Hide behind the pillars and duck out when he stops to reload to take a shot. Once both are taken out using either the BRL (if you have any) or charged sling shots (takes 4 shots per generator) the scaffolding will drop a bit and he'll run to another portion of the room.

    This time he's tossing firecrackers and re a bit harder to avoid. Same idea here, though, take out the generators and move on to the last round. Take out the third set and you've beat him and earned a spud cannon.
  • idk man i cant get the target to go 4 the generators at all thanx anyways man! im stuck i have no more missions til i beat this !