Iam new (Tiger Woods 2009)
  • Hi Everyone.

    This is coachrobwille (thats my on-line playstation name to) I just got my new PS3 last week and I now have Tiger Woods 2009. Is there away to un-lock all the courses ? I know you un-lock them by doing all the Tiger Challenges. My friends and I dont have time to do that we just want to play.
    Any help would be great.

    Thanks :)

  • Rob,

    I don't have Tiger Woods for the PS3 (mine is for the Wii); but wanted to welcome you to AP just the same.
  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for the kind welcome. How do you like Tiger Woods on the Wii.
  • coachrobwille said:
    How do you like Tiger Woods on the Wii.

    It is awesome...which is really a statement as I can not stand to watch golf, nor have I ever actually played the game in real life. But I have to say (at least on the Wii) the interactive aspect of the game makes one realize that "Hey, it isn't quite as easy as it looks".

    ...with that being said, it is also one of the few decent games for the Wii; which is why I also have my PS1, PS2, PS3, & PSP.
  • Rob

    The quickest way to unlock them all would be to download a save file. There are loads of places you can get these, a search for PS3 - Tiger Woods game saves should do the trick.

    Most sites give you instructions on how to save the file also.

    Good Luck.