Wtf Happened To My Memory Card?! Please Help!
  • hi
    well, i was playing a soccer game yesterday with some friends... and i turned pff the psx to play another game.
    well, i had my memory card inserted in slot 1.
    so... everything was fine 'til i insert this other game...
    and suddenly the controllers stopped working... we disconnected and connected the controllers many times, but they didn't work. so i took the memory card out and the controllers worked.
    i went to the bios (the screen where memory card and audio cd is) without the memcard and the controllers worked fine, but i inserted the memory card and the controllers stopped working! it's like "i insert the memcard and the controllers get disconnected".
    i don't know how the frick this happend...
    do you have any ideas (or solutions, 'cause that's what i need... I NEED MY MEMORY CARD BACK! :( )???
    is a Sony memory card btw.

  • To me it sounds like there is a short between the Memory card slot and the controller ports. If you haven't already, try the MC in the second slot as well. If it still doesn't work then the short is between all the ports. It could very easily just be a stripped wire. I would recommend taking it to a local shop to get it looked at and fixed if needed. Otherwise i am at a loss for what could be wrong. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • <_< Same thing happened to me. I dont know if this would work for your psx, but try it. Put the controller in, slightly pull out the controller but not too much. It worked for me. Hope this helps! :) <br />
    Have you tried a different controller or memory card?
  • Yes, madhtr, i've tried on both slots and both controller ports but it's the same thing.
    Perro Loco, your method doesn't work :(
    And i haven't tried with another MC. I tried with a friends controller but it's the same (and that shouldn't be the problem, 'cause i can play without the MC).
    I'll have to get another MC to try it...

    Hope is not what you say madhtr, i don't wanna take it somewhere :\

    Thanks for your help :)
    If you have any other ideas please tell me.

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  • i got a method for you take an alcohol swab and clean the holes inside your memcard and do it on the part were you put the memcard in. I dont know if it will work but you can give it a try