PS3 5.1 for games but 2 channel for DVD & Blu Ray
  • Please please can someone help me here

    The problem I have is my PS3 plays wonderful 5.1 surround sound for all games (both disc and downloaded games), but I only get 2 channel stereo for both DVD's and Blue Ray discs.

    My set up is a HMDI from my ps3 to a Sony Bravia TV (46"), and I have an opitcal cable directly connected from my ps3 to my Sony 5.1 surround sound system. (sorry havent got the part number but its a good one with an optical in) I believe this to be the optimum set up to get the best out of the ps3

    Games are wonderful, I get the true surround sound, but then when I go to watch a dvd or blu ray its always 2 channel stereo. I have tried several discs and always the same.

    I have played around with the optical output setitng on the ps3, Linera PCM or Bitstream, but neither setting gets me what I want. Having looked on the net, setting this to bitstream is supposed to solve the problem. But not in my case

    There is clearly something I am not doing!!

    Can anyone PLEASEEEEEE help
  • Sorted it!

    There is so much misinformation on the net about ps3 settings. I even saw one post (not on this site) that said ps3 wasnt capable of delivering 5.1 through optical....and that was in response to a post the same as mine. If it wasnt capable then how come you get it for games????

    Anyway, the way to get 5.1 from All ps3 functions is to select ONLY 5.1 Dolby Didital in the optical output settings and NOT all the available. I made the mistake (even from a reliable source!!) of selecting all the available audio output options (2 channel pcm you cant deselect so just leave it selected). As a result the ps3 got confused and only output 2 channel stereo for dvd's and blu rays. After deselecting the other 5.1 option, the ps3 now sounds wonderful !! Even for dvd's I get true 5.1 surround sound.

    Now i just need an optical switch so that I can use my optical tv out to go to my surround sound too. Pity tv's (even sony) cant channel the 5.1 output from ps3 hdmi to its optical output, but i guess you cant have everything!
  • I have the same setup and the same problem! I don't know exactly what settings you are referring to. Can you add more details? Specifically, what are the Settings->Video Settings, Settings->Sound Settings, and (when you play a movie) Triangle->AV Settings? Thanks!