Lego Star Wars 2 The Original Trilogy.
  • I don't know if you are the ones I need to ask, I have been searching google for a few days now and have ran out of options. I'm trying to find a way to get pass 2 levels on a game and was wondering if you could answer.

    Lego Star Wars 2 The Original Trilogy.

    There are two levels that I can't figure out how to get passed.

    1) Escaping the Death Star, after the story begins with all falling in the trach compactor, you come out and you down a hallway that leads to a room with Stormtroopers. How do you get pass this level? I have tried everything I could think of, have bought everything I could think about buying and nothing seems to help.

    2)I have skipped to Empire Strikes Back, the 1st level. I can't find a way to continue, I have tried bombs to blow stuff up but can't seem to move past the first 2 parts.
  • This should help with the first part of the Death Star Escape level:

    Inside the hangar, there's a lot going on. First of all, jump to the ground
    and eliminate the force of Stormtroopers there. Keep moving to avoid their
    fire, and dive towards dropped Hearts as needed. When the coast is clear, take
    a moment to destroy the red and grey Lego cylinders, and collect any loose
    Studs. There is a hidden Blue Stud in the lower right corner. You can also
    shoot the colourful wall panels on the left side, three times each, for more
    Studs. Now, push the blue device inside the hatchmarked area on the floor onto
    the red circle at the right end. Once in place, push on the green side of the
    panels sticking out of the structure in front of it. This raises the blue

    Now, grapple back up to the starting platform, on the right side of the room.
    Pull the lever there twice, then use the new grapple point to reach the Studs
    on the floating platform. Go back and pull the lever one more time. Move to
    the end of the platform and use the grapple point here to swing on top of the
    blue platform that you raised up. Jump to the left platform, collect the Studs
    and pull the lever. Push the crate this gives you down along the hatchmarked
    floor, and push it off of the platform. Move down the ramp that this opened up
    below you, and hop into the vehicle below the floor. Practice riding it around
    a little bit, then line yourself up far back so that you can run it over the
    five red squares in the floor all in quick succession. Successfully doing this
    moves another platform over the far end of the room. Grapple up to the right,
    go back into the hall and get a Stormtrooper helmet at the dispenser, then re-
    enter this room, grapple across to the left platform and move to the back. Use
    the Stormtrooper checkpoint to open the door ahead.

    As for the first level of Empire Strikes Back, use the bombs to destroy the white barriers after you take out the various cannons and at-ats.