Help with MLB 09: The Show, Home Runs!
  • Hi there!

    Any help hitting dingers in the franchise mode would be most appreciated! I am a glutton for the franchise mode but I'm totally frustrated by my lack of consistency and power hitting! I have the hitting controls set to Classic 1/4 and rookie level in an attempt to make hitting the long ball easier for me. Still no love though. I would like it if my sluggers could at least average 40+ bombs a year. Plus I would at least like a shot at Barry's single season record! I have been using the guess a pitch type option and out of habit, aiming the left stick where in the zone the indicator (if I guess correctly) says the pitch will be in the strike zone. I'm pretty sure that does nothing but it's habit. So is there a technique that woud work for me that I'm missing? Should I be guessing the pitch type more or less often? Should I be waiting on the ball? Should I guess pitch type AND location? How do I do that again? Also I forgot to mention I am trying via timing to either wait and hit the ball down the opposite field line or get around on one and hit it down the other line. Aargh so frustrating!

    Any help for a guy who won't use 'roids to win!? LOL...
  • I hear you. It is very difficult to hit. But practice makes perfect.
    Here is what I do to make it a little more easy.
    1. I almost always guess the pitch as a high fastball. About 50% of the time if I guess right, I hit a homerun either by swinging normal with the X button or using the square button for a power swing.

    2. The AI on the game is pretty good. If the pitchers see that you keep guessing a high fast ball or whatever, they will not throw it high. When I see that happening, I guess a different pitch and location.

    3. In the batters mode if you look to the side of the screen, you can see little meters for each of his pitches. If he is throwing a particular pitch a lot and you keep missing it, that meter will get higher. The higher the meter for the pitcher, the more he will throw that pitch. Try guessing that pitch. If it is a sinker, more likely it will be down in the zone. Like I said, I love the fastball so in order to get his fastball meter up, I will purposely swing and miss when he throws one so that his fastball meter goes up.

    4. Trade, trade, trade. My standards are very high for my team. If any player is batting below 300 avg., I trade him and get a better player. If you want to hit a lot of homeruns, browse through players that have their power as an A rating. Try as best you can to trade for that player or sign a power hitter from the free agency market.

    5. As a last resort, adjust your sliders in the game options.
  • Yeah that's pretty much what I've been tying to do. It still doesn't seem to be working for me though. Meh I guess I'll just keep playing around with that basic theory for hitting dingers. Hey when ur guessing location on the pitch you use the left analog stick and put it in the area you are guessing but do you have to do that while guessing the pitch, or before guessing pitch type or after you guess the type? Not really sure when to guess location?:huh: