• hi can any one please tell me some places to buy beacouse i'm 59% done and i need to know were to go to beacouse i dont see anymore misions to go to, so can you tell me some places to buy???
    thanks! ;)
  • Try some of these.
    Boatyard, located in the docks
    Taxi company, round the place you did the funeral hit I think
    Print works, can't tell you the exact location but it's on the western island and somewere in the middle (cruise around and you'll find it)
    The Malibu, the nightclub, you ought to know where it is
    Sunshine autos, near the airport.
    Pole position, in the neighberhood you start the game in
    Ice cream factory, you had a job on the roof of this building so...
    Filmstudio on the same island that yu cleared out the thiefs house whith the helicopter.

    All these places have a rotating house symbol in front of it.
    Hope it helps.