Sudden problems with PS Network and Online Games
  • I've had my PS 3 for over a year now and its set up through Wireless Router. I've never had a problem connecting to the PS Network or playing online games.

    A few days ago I got the new Resident Evil 5 game and played with my friend online for a few hours. Everything worked fine.

    The next day, not only did I have problems connecting to his games online ( I kept dropping out after playing a few minutes), I also had problems signing into PS Network.

    I have not made any changes to my router (Linksys WRT54GS)

    I have tried setting my PS3 as a DMZ and it didnt work either. In fact, it made things worse cause then my PC was unable to go online.

    As of this point, I am unable to sign into the PS Network. I ran the PS3 Internet Connection Test and its fine, signal strenghth is at 100. I can browse the internet fine on my PS 3.

    I am thoroughly confused as to whats going on. Can someone help me? Or is the problem at Sony's end since this happened all of a sudden and I havent made any changes to my PS3 or router?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Some times the quickest solution is the simplest- try giving your router a quick power cycle and see if that helps. Sometimes the internal memory gets cluttered up and needs a reset of sorts.
  • yeah I've done that many times already.
  • Dude the same problem is happening to me and so many other users!!! And by the date of ur post it looks like its been happening for a while.. With no real answer from the teks at sony who knows when the problem will be fixed!!
  • Zolie, the issues happening now with everyone is due to an outage Sony is having. Details are in the announcement at the top of each section of the forums.