• Ready for the new season??!!

    Forumla one mad in our house so our weekends have not been the same since the last season finished however we are totally 'geared up' for the Australian GP on Sunday.

    Unlike most of the UK i cannot stand Lewis Hamilton so have been estatic today over his poor performance and glad my lads Kimi and Massa are shining through. Heads up to Jenson Button too who is starting off well after a pretty abismal couple of seasons (im known as the Jenson Button of Mario Kart in our house!!)
  • WOOOOOOOOOT! New season, new channel & back to Fleetwood Mac's - The Chain for the Theme music.

    This season is what F1 is all about, going old school but holding on to newer technological improvements like the KERS system (pure marvelous work!) Now that the lower class teams have spent years in the gravel traps & pit lanes they have technologies from Ferrari & Mercedes and from winter testing to this weekend's practice they are top of the board with high class teams ass end scratching there heads.

    Overtaking will be the key to winning the championship & 2 major things will play the part but not all teams.
    First off is KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) is where the energy from braking & no use of engine throttle is stored electronically into battery then used as a BOOST of energy on straights/overtaking for up to 6.6 seconds per lap. This energy is around 80 horsepower (small car BHP in todays market). Not all teams are using this system.
    Second is the front wing. The front wing is now electronically pitched up/down twice per lap by only a few degrees so that extra downforce is use in certain sections to gain that bit extra speed.

    My drivers to watch (in no order) are
    Robert Kubica
    Timo Glock
    Kimi Räikkönen
    Felipe Massa (YEA!!!!!!)
    Fernando Alonso
    and not forgetting
    Jenson Button
  • round 2 of F1 & things are hot, hot, HOT! Points won, lost & taken away. Mid field teams at the top & Button on pole again!! But all that can change tomorrow like the weather. Should be another great race.

    Get well soon Alonso (major ear infection)