Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures
  • Please HELP.
    I'm going mad trying to find the artefact in The Battle on the Bridge section of the game. I only need this one to finish the game.
    Hope you know how to find it. :confused:
  • As I have no idea which treasures you have grabbed to this point in the level here is a list of all 10 for you to pick out the one you missed for the artifact.

    Treasure #1: (Explosive) Now this one's just mean. Make sure you begin the
    Free Play as an Explosive wielder. Immediately turn around at the beginning
    and blast the bars to your right to get this one quickly.

    Treasure #2: One of the tougher ones to get, because it requires you to run
    almost all the way to the end of the first part without getting caught in the
    water. It will be on the left near the end of this. If you miss it, you
    have to restart.

    Treasure #3: After reaching the cliff, drop down to the right (as Indy) to
    grab this.

    Treasure #4: (Free Play) Crawl into the vent in the cliff area (where the
    Key is) and dig this up.

    Treasure #5: (Scholar) In the third area, use the glyph panel to raise some
    platforms to reach this one.

    Treasure #6: In the third area, the second to last of the trap pits has a
    Treasure instead of spears.

    Treasure #7: After the first set of trap pits, you can see this glinting
    behind a rock.

    Treasure #8: (Free Play) After the first set of trap pits, dig up the spot
    near Treasure #7 and place the glass on the orange panel, then smash it.

    Treasure #9: In the area with the stone pillars, leap along them towards
    the screen to find this one.

    Treasure #10: After the stone pillars, head to the left and start walking
    around to make flowers sprout. Make a complete smiley to make this one
  • THANK YOU for saving my sanity !! Your instructions were spot on and I have now finished the game. What a fantastic site you have, good job you're there for all us "idiots". Thanks again :)
    Sparkle (now sparkling again)
  • Thanks a million XXXX:D You don't know what a relief it was to follow your instructions and get everything right. I'm endebted 4ever :)